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January 9

As a Manchester B2B PR agency, Metamorphic PR launched at a time of immense debate about the meaning and methods of both public relations and marketing communications in the UK and elsewhere.

This debate – conducted across the media, events and independent and corporate blogs throughout 2013 – has informed the directions that public relations practitioners and marketers are now taking in 2014. Above all, public relations and marketing professionals have recognised the imperative to move with the times while retaining the best practices and approaches of the past. And both professions see how critical it is to demonstrate value in a way that communications and marketing managers can measure and justify to the C-suite.

The top 5 PR and marketing communications blog posts on Metamorphic PR’s website in 2013 provide a flavour of what was important then and what continues to be important as we embark on another business year:

Top 5 PR and Marketing blog posts 2013

  1. What is public relations? – a perennial query: reputation, understanding, influencing opinion and behaviour – it’s all in there…CLICK HERE TO READ
  2. B2B social media basics for business – social media has become mainstream, with a place at the marketing communications table – but do you know the basics? CLICK HERE TO READ
  3. Content strategy and marketing in a B2B context – creating and marketing content for your business is about creating an asset that chimes with customers…CLICK HERE TO READ
  4. B2B inbound marketing – inbound marketing is about attracting the right customers and prospects and positioning your firm as an expert in its field…CLICK HERE TO READ
  5. Client-agency harmony – another perennial question about how to get the best out of a client/agency relationship…CLICK HERE TO READ

Beyond the top 5 blog posts, there were others that tackled topics from the value of a communications strategy to the shifts and changes in digital content marketing.

And other voices – including current CIPR President, Stephen Waddington – have registered views on what will be important in the coming year.

Here’s to a successful year for everyone striving to make a business flourish. We have the tools and the knowledge; we just have to get the job done.

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