Creating video content for PR and marketing makes storytelling for your B2B business visual, audible and highly memorable.

Video content – as part of an integrated marketing communications strategy – offers more than just another format for conveying information about your business and the industry issues facing your customers.

When providing B2B tech PR services to companies offering products and solutions to solve complex business and technology challenges, video content can give the viewer an in-depth insight in under three minutes.

Video content for thought leadership

Creating video content based on data and facts generated by independent or credible, in-house research is a great way to showcase your B2B thought leadership.

Working with research data, Metamorphic PR can enable your business to use video content to translate research findings into B2B PR and integrated marketing communications activity.

We make this happen by:

  • Identifying the most valuable and compelling findings from the research data
  • Developing a narrative that educates and informs potential customers while demonstrating the company’s knowledge and expertise
  • Creating succinct scripts and prompts to help company experts deliver clear, authoritative and credible interviews on video
  • Conducting video interviews that encourage the most engaging performances from spokespeople
  • Employing professional video filming and editing to capture the most important messages and create an engaging, visual experience

Video content for B2B case studies?

The text-based approach to creating B2B case studies can be re-purposed in an audio/visual format with video content.

A case study video lets your other customers and prospects see and hear directly from a satisfied client.

It both shows your products and services in action and provides tangible testimonials from client representatives happy to endorse your solutions, support and results for their businesses.

Metamorphic PR can help your business create case study video content by:

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of how a company’s technology solution has solved a customer problem
  • Enabling the end customer’s technical and business representatives to tell the story of their challenges and how the new solution has addressed those challenges
  • Creating a story framework and messages that the customer is happy to sign off for use in the public domain
  • Employing professional video production and editing to create a clear narrative – from problem to solution and satisfied customer.

Video in a virtual working world

As businesses have adapted to operating in a more remote working and virtual world, video content offers a number of solutions:

  • Making strong, first impressions with customers and prospects when it’s not possible or practical to meet face-to-face
  • Equipping your company leaders, technical and subject matter experts to be more visible and demonstrate the capabilities contained within your business
  • Live broadcast – using high production values for product launches and company conferences

According to one of Metamorphic PR’s video partners, creating video content that works needs to be of quality, which requires investment in creating professional visuals and audio. The challenge today is capturing people’s attention when their attention span is getting shorter.

Therefore, this means businesses having to rethink their traditional approach to corporate video production and ensure the video content they create is engaging enough that people will watch it for longer.

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