PR Measurement and Evaluation

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    Intelligent online benchmarking and measurement:
    a new departure in planning and evaluating PR and marketing for business


    Does your business need to know the following?

    1. Understand what your potential customers are really searching for online rather than what you think they’re searching for?

    2. Identify the best places for your online content to ensure a return on investment?

    3. Calculate how much value your online visibility generated via PR and content marketing is worth compared to paying for Google AdWords?

    4. How your business’ online visibility compares with your competitors?


    Metamorphic PR can help you answer these questions through access to online benchmarking and measurement specialists that are interrogating online search results in a way that’s never been done before.


    By having access to detailed reports about your business’ performance online, you can:

    • Evaluate how big your current potential market is based on online search behaviour in relation to your brand – what we call your “interested audience”.

    • Measure your level of online visibility and the websites that are generating the most eyeballs for your company – therefore where your marketing communications effort needs to be.

    • Identify the key themes associated with your business in online search results – therefore helping you to continue with or re-calibrate your messages and subject matter.

    • Understand how PR and marketing is influencing your sales success.


    Planning and measuring your public relations, content and marketing communications should not – and no longer needs to be – based on guesswork or rudimentary tools.

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    See this measurement approach in action

    Media Relations – XCELLR8
    is a contract testing laboratory based at Sci-Tech Daresbury in Cheshire. It provides non-animal based testing solutions to companies and their suppliers involved in manufacturing cosmetics, personal care and household products. Founded in 2008, it holds the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation which means its tests can be used by companies to substantiate the safety of their products with regulators.
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    Media Relations – My Parcel Delivery
    (now part of the MPD Group) is an e-commerce business providing online comparison and booking for delivery services aimed at consumers and small businesses.
    More >
    Media Relations – Cogent Skills and the Science Industry Partnership
    The North West-based science sector skills body, is tasked with increasing the level of skills across the UK science sectors (including pharmaceuticals and chemicals) and the take-up of available match-funding that was available for training and talent development (including apprenticeships, internships and placements) through the Government-funded Science Industry Partnership.
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