PR Measurement and Evaluation

When planning and measuring B2B and content marketing activity, capturing and analysing what appears online and in Google search tells you what your audience is actually seeing, engaging with and influenced by.

So, this measures the actual impact of your PR, content and marketing communications activity.

Understanding this is becoming more important, as the reliance on online news increases and the emerging generation of customers is more heavily influenced by what they see online.

Smart businesses now realise they need to be nearer to real-time data about what people are thinking and feeling to manage their PR, content and marketing communications effectively.

What to measure for B2B PR and content marketing?

Metamorphic PR can help plan and measure your business’ B2B PR and content marketing activity through access to specialist, online benchmarking and measurement that is interrogating online visibility using new and innovative methods.

This involves addressing a number of key questions your business needs to answer:

  1. What are your potential customers really searching for online rather than what you think they’re searching for?
  2. What are the best places for your online content to ensure you reach the most engaged audience and gain a return on investment?
  3. How do you calculate the value your online visibility generates via PR and content marketing compared to pay-per-click activity via Google AdWords?
  4. How does your business’ online visibility compare with your competitors?
  5. What topics are your business most associated with when potential customers are researching business products, services and solutions via online search? Are you visible for the topics and solutions you need to be?

Online visibility analysis for B2B businesses

By having access to detailed reports about your business’ performance online, you can:

  • Evaluate how big your current potential market is based on online search behaviour in relation to your brand – what is known as your “interested audience”
  • Measure your level of online visibility and the websites that are generating the most visibility for your company – therefore where your PR and marketing communications effort needs to be
  • Identify the key themes associated with your business in online search results – therefore helping you to continue with or re-calibrate your PR and content marketing
  • Understand how PR and marketing is influencing your sales success.

Planning and measuring your public relations, content and marketing communications activity is now possible with cutting edge analysis tools and approaches.

This is vital to understand how you are obtaining a return on investment, what activities to continue investing in and demonstrating the value of PR, content and marketing communications to the business overall.

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