Media Training

Media training is part of strategic public relations activity that equips your company leaders, managers, technical and subject matter experts to communicate effectively and build beneficial relationships with journalists and the media.

Metamorphic PR has trained countless company spokespeople – most of them with no previous media experience – to prepare for and carry out media interviews with confidence and the purpose of benefiting their businesses.

Speaking to the media? You’re in PR now!

Speaking to the media on behalf of your company means that your responsibility goes beyond your normal day job, experience or technical expertise. You are, effectively, supporting the strategic public relations activity of your organisation.

What you say and how you say it to a journalist is likely to end up in the public domain and – in the age of digital publications and news sites – potentially visible online permanently.

This is why you need to understand the way the media works, the way journalists think and operate; what occupying a spokesperson’s role means for you and how you can make it work equally for you, your company and the media consumed by your customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

Media training for executives and managers

Metamorphic PR’s media training equips company executives and managers to communicate and build relationships with the media by:

  • Providing knowledge about how the media works
  • Helping them understand the job that journalists do and what they’re looking for
  • Clarifying the differences between PR and marketing and how that affects company communications
  • Highlighting the risks and rewards of working with the media
  • Offering a safe and confidential environment to practice media-style interviews
  • Providing a simple and effective strategy to prepare for any media interview.

Media training benefits

Media training is an investment in your leaders’ and managers’ ability to get the best from engaging with media that your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders read.

Having well-trained and well-prepared media spokespeople will:

  • Give your organisation confidence and ability to respond to the media when under pressure and scrutiny
  • Cultivate a culture of finding information in your business that will tell a compelling story and help you stand out from your competition
  • Help your people to master storytelling skills before being exposed to media interviews.

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