Communications Strategy

A communications strategy provides the foundation for how your business talks to the outside world and to your closest stakeholders – including customers, partners and employees.

Above all, a communications strategy should support and be directly linked to your business’ overall objectives.

Without this your B2B PR, content marketing and marketing communications activity will lack direction, clear purpose and the ability to measure its value to the business.

Creating an effective communications strategy

Metamorphic PR can help your business create an effective communications strategy by:

  • Gaining an exhaustive insight into a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Working collaboratively with business leaders and marketers to identify the most valuable market opportunities, trends and industry pain points for their communications to tap into
  • Collaborating with technical and subject matter experts – speaking their language and earning their trust that PR and communications will resonate with the target audience and support the business objectives.

Having a communications strategy will inform the most appropriate and effective tactical PR, content marketing and marketing communications activities which leads to:

  • Regular and planned communications activity
  • High quality, credible B2B PR and content marketing
  • Improved visibility in online search for your business’ key themes and topics
  • Increased traffic and time spent on your website
  • Media coverage in the right places

B2B communications strategy

Developing a B2B communications strategy may also recommend taking the company’s existing way of presenting itself to the market in a different direction. This can help it to:

  • Stand out from similar competitors
  • Start a new way of talking about the key issues in their industry
  • Establish a theme that resonates with their audience.

Strategy versus tactics

Companies can sometimes make the leap to tactical communications activities – such as sending out press releases or posting on social media channels – without thinking what they’re aiming to achieve or whether a specific activity is appropriate or effective in delivering their message and generating the right results for the business.

This is why we work with B2B businesses to get a clear understanding of what they need to achieve and to devise a communications strategy to help them get there. To get the best from B2B PR and content marketing, this needs to happen before even thinking of writing a press release, researching a blog post, commissioning a case study or pressing record on a video camera.

If your business needs B2B PR and content marketing activities to support its growth, awareness and engagement with external and internal audiences, then you need to know that you’re using the right activities to deliver the right messages to the right people in the right places.

Developing a professionally researched and validated communications strategy will help that happen.

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