Case Study Writing

Writing case studies is an essential part of B2B tech PR and integrated marketing communications – enabling companies to bring their products and services to life and show how real-life customers have benefited.

A well-researched and written B2B case study is a window into the world of how your company has understood the challenges faced by a customer and identified, specified and delivered a solution that works – and solved a problem.

Metamorphic PR’s case study writing services can help you:

  •  Turn your customer success stories into B2B case studies
  • Showcase your company’s value and unique selling proposition
  • Provide tangible evidence of what your business can do
  • Share the testimonial of satisfied customers – an essential part of how future customers will select your solution over a competitor’s.

Employing a B2B PR and content marketing agency to write case studies

How does Metamorphic PR help you develop valuable B2B case study examples?

Securing the involvement of your customer

Asking a valued customer to get involved with a case study might be a difficult conversation. But if the customer is both happy and benefiting from your products and services, they should be OK to work with you on what is a success story for everyone (unless company policy prevents it).

Ask them if a case study is possible – they can only say no! Alternatively, in some customer/supplier relationships the supplier will ask for a future case study as part of the contract negotiation.

Working with your customer

Metamorphic PR will make sure the process of researching and writing a case study will be efficient and take up the minimum amount of time for your customer. We do this by:

  • Providing examples of previous case studies – showing how a typical case study example looks 
  • Supplying examples of case study questions – to help the customer prepare for an interview in advance 
  • Conducting a professional interview – that allows the customer to describe clearly the problem that needed solving, the innovation they were looking for and how the supplier’s products and services delivered benefits
  • Developing and amending the case study – to ensure the customer is happy the information in the case study is fair, accurate and doesn’t compromise their competitive advantage
  • Securing approval of the case study – so both supplier and customer are satisfied that the case study can be published and re-purposed in other formats, such as video or audio.
  • Designing and publishing the case study – in a professionally-designed format that is suitable for hosting on your website, available as a downloadable document, something that can be emailed to a customer or prospect, or shared on your social media channels.

B2B case studies can also be used as part of a media relations campaign – offering relevant customer examples to the media in support of a news story or feature article – and be part of your sales team’s presentations or information packs for new prospects.

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