February 11

Getting businesses in professional sectors to re-think their recruitment and talent development and consider apprenticeships can take some persuasion.

Which is why Metamorphic PR worked closely with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), professional body for the insurance and financial services sectors, to promote the value of apprenticeships as an alternative source of future talent.

Using facts and statistics-based stories to show how firms in the sectors are starting to embrace apprenticeships – employing the milestone of 1,000 new apprentices studying for insurance qualifications – the media activity was about pointing businesses in the direction of CII advice and Government funding.

Metamorphic PR supported the CII’s Apprenticeship Ambassadors initiative with further news stories for the specialist insurance media and also created editorial profiling financial planning firms taking on university interns as part of efforts to grow new financial adviser talent from the ground up.

Caspar Bartington, the CII’s education relationship manager, said: “Apprenticeships do not appear on the face of it to have anything to do with insurance and financial services. It was important to promote technical apprenticeships to employers and potential apprentices.

“A strong message was essential to bring employers with us and Metamorphic used compelling story telling to ensure we received the coverage we needed.”

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