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May 15


How do you influence and persuade people to do business with you – and why is it important?

Getting people to decide to spend money with you is very much a question of trust: trusting that you will deliver on your promises and that your product or service will solve the problems the buyer has. The more complex the problem that needs solving, the greater level of trust needed for the buyer to make that decision.

Building that trust needs effective communications that will influence and persuade your customer or prospect. This is why learning from experts in influence and persuasion is essential to your success. Two such experts – business coach Peter Beard and stage hypnotist, Will James – provide training workshops in this field.

Jon Clements of Manchester-based, B2B PR agency Metamorphic PR interviewed them recently at one of their workshops to get an insight into the power of influence of persuasion (listen to the 10-minute interview in the audio player above).

As Peter says in his workshop notes: “Remember that you are influencing people. Your company might want to sell to their company but it is you – the person – who has to influence them. Influence and persuasion requires making an emotional argument to the subconscious mind that is as convincing as the rational argument is to the conscious mind.”

For more information about influence and persuasion workshops visit Peter Beard’s website.

To use public relations and content marketing to increase your level of influence and persuasion, contact Metamorphic PR.

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