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November 16

Jon Clements, director and chartered public relations practitioner at Manchester B2B PR agency, Metamorphic PR, took a moment to talk about planning public relations in the latest edition of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce official magazine, 53 Degrees:

What difference does a moment make to a business?

A new book written by US university academics, Chip and Dan Heath, argues that we shouldn’t be passive about creating meaningful moments in our businesses and among employees.

The authors claim that big milestones or life transitions that happen naturally in the course of living (births, marriages, deaths, etc.) can and should be imitated at work. In this way, you create something significant and memorable that has a positive impact on people who matter.

In many ways, this resembles the effect creative, well-planned and sustained public relations activity can have on a business: it’s about making your business memorable with your customers and prospects every week, month and year.

Clearly, this takes effort and commitment but is eminently possible; once you create a method and rhythm of communication that works, it becomes part of your organisation’s DNA. And, good communication becomes conversation – a two-way dialogue with the outside world.

But how do we define what is memorable about your business?

 Imagine your business is a thermometer: the hottest information that will rise to the top of the tube is something:

  • Your audience hasn’t heard about before.
  • Nobody else in your industry is talking about.
  • Contains insights that are interesting, valuable and useful.
  • Helps to shape the way people think and feel about your business.

If your company is clearly at the cutting edge in its sector and generating ground-breaking innovations, then it will easy to spot what you’ve got that’s “hot” to talk about.

However, most businesses need to work a bit harder to find the communications “heat”. That could involve:

Don’t have a moment to spare? You might well need the support of a good agency!

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