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December 12

Manchester marketers and PR agency people have been told in no uncertain terms: embracing inbound marketing is how to “stop flogging a dead horse”. The dead horse is, apparently, traditional outbound marketing.

Manchester B2B PR and content marketing agency, Metamorphic PR, was in attendance at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s recent CIM digital marketing “bootcamp” for a full immersion in inbound marketing and SEO.

Certified inbound marketer, Eve Whitaker – one of the speakers – illustrated her “dead horse” point by brandishing a horse whip and asserting: “You are all using this every day”.

She says that while there is still a place for traditional outbound marketing, it is “working less and less – because [people] can switch it off.” And the stats to back that claim:

  • 86% skip TV ads
  • 91% unsubscribe from emails
  • 44% never open direct mail


 Not only is the audience more willing to actively filter outbound marketing, the customer is assuming greater control of the buying cycle. Another stat care of Ms Whitaker: 60% of the buying cycle is over before a buyer talks to a sales person. In other words, technology-enabled consumers/buyers are better informed than ever before – and almost fully prepared for you when you dare to transact business with them.

Inbound marketing: where “shouting” shifts to “attracting”

If traditional outbound marketing – according to Eve Whitaker – is “shouting” at the world, then inbound marketing, using tools such as blog content, is “attraction”; that is, preferably, getting the right people to your website as a starting point for a relationship. And Whitaker’s clear about how a relationship should evolve: “marketing is dating – you don’t get married straight away.” In other words, to start selling immediately to your new-found website visitor is to risk them bouncing away from your site and your business like a jet-propelled rubber ball.

So, what are the best inbound marketing tips that the CIM bootcamp could offer? The mantra is:



And some of the approaches are:

1. Create “buyer personas”: Devise a fictional character embodying your business’ ideal client, based on their demographic, job level, pain points, goals,  information sources, what experience they’re looking for and their most common objections to your product/service.

2. Develop the tools to attract visitors to your site: In short: blog content, social media and SEO. However, while content might be king the true God is “Context”. That is, personalising as far as possible your content for each segment of your audience. And, as potential buyers navigates the customer journey, they need different content at different stages of the buying cycle.

3. Give clear directions: On your site you need to take people where you want them to go and tell them exactly what you want them to do. That means having:

  • Relevant landing pages
  • Clear calls to action – on every page and every blog post
  • Compelling reasons to ACT.

4. Measure

  • Measure
  • Measure
  • Measure again

And if traditional outbound marketing hadn’t had enough of a kicking, the final thoughts from the CIM bootcamp:

YESTERDAY’S MARKETING: “Get in their face when they’re not looking.”

TODAY’S MARKETING: “Get found when they’re looking – start helping, stop selling!”

 If your business needs help with planning and creating content to support inbound marketing campaigns, then please get in touch via this online formemail or that quaint tool, the telephone, in big red numbers at the top of the page.

Thanks to:

The wit and wisdom of Eve Whitaker.

The CIM in the North West.

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