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February 22

What’s the business case for investing time, energy and money in creating thought leadership content? 

INSEAD, which describes itself as “one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools” has done the numbers, collecting the LinkedIn follower figures and company revenue data of more than 300 companies on the S&P 500 list. Its research showed that businesses with one per cent more LinkedIn followers have 0.5 per cent more revenue on average – therefore making a link between opinion leadership and business performance. 

As we’ve done before on this blog, it’s worth repeating FT Longitude’s summary of why marketers and business executives should treat thought leadership as a strategic business activity. But, this time, we’ve added some examples of where our work with companies has paid off:

1. To reposition your brand

According to FT Longitude’s research, 90% of business leaders say thought leadership has a positive impact on their brand perception. John Hogg, specialist chemical and technology company for the oil and fuel industry used this approach in one campaign to shift its positioning among industry competitors from technology product provider to a purpose-driven campaigner against fuel fraud. This helped the company stand out in its marketplace and generate new business opportunities. Read what happened here. 

2. To raise awareness

91% of CEOs use thought leadership to build their watchlist of interesting companies to talk to, according to FT Longitude. RMP Enterprise, an early talent attraction company helping organisations find and recruit apprentices, interns and placements, worked with us to harness and analyse insights from their own data to create a definite guide to successful apprenticeship programmes. The guide and accompanying media activity raised the company’s profile and delivered new business enquiries. Read what happened here.

3. To start commercial conversations

83% of business leaders – according to FT Longitude – say they’re likely to request a meeting with a company that creates interesting thought leadership, using content as a “hook to drive leads”. For the past three years, we’ve collaborated with IP and patent attorney firm, Appleyard Lees, to create the Inside Green Innovation: Progress Report, highlighting global innovation in environmental technologies. Combined with extensive media activity across numerous industry sectors, this thought leadership activity has generated significant coverage and – in its first year – a substantial business lead. Read what happened here

4. To build long-term relationships

92% of business leaders agree that high quality thought leadership content has influenced their decision to award business to a company. In recent months, John Hogg commissioned us to create news and thought leadership content to support its bid to be the leading voice informing and educating the market about the imminent change to the Euromarker regulations and to reinforce the visibility and credibility of the company as the industry thought leader. This was achieved, along with new customer enquiries for its products. Read what happened here.


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