December 12

Using customer case studies for B2B PR is one way of showing how your product or service translates into measurable business benefits – according to Manchester-based B2B PR and content marketing agency, Metamorphic PR.

Metamorphic PR  is working with DocMoto to show how its software is transforming business operations for some market-leading brands.

DocMoto’s market-leading document and email management software has a range of applications and advantages for companies using Apple Mac computers or iOS devices.

And the most effective way to explain its benefits for businesses is to tell a wide range of user stories that capture the innovative technology in action.

Metamorphic PR has created 12 user case studies for the company – which involves interviewing DocMoto customers in the UK and overseas and crafting stories than convey clear business benefits.

And Metamorphic’s involvement means that the most compelling business problems solved by the software are highlighted for other potential customers with similar operational issues.

Supporting some high profile brands, such as ITV and the Zumba Fitness, DocMoto has been able to trust Metamorphic PR’s handling of its customers during the case study process.

Neil Cameron, DocMoto director, said: “The user stories are a vital marketing tool to help explain the numerous benefits our software can deliver. While some of the benefits apply across all market sectors some can be very specific and the user stories really help in getting our message across.

“For us Metamorphic PR is the ideal partner for this work. The enthusiasm, clear understanding of our product and ability to deliver high quality work time and again is outstanding.”

If you think your business could benefit from explaining and demonstrating more effectively the work you do for your clients, a customer case study might be what you need. Please get in touch via this online formemail or that quaint tool, the telephone, in big red numbers at the top of the page.

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