RMP Enterprise is an "early talent attraction" company helping businesses find and recruit apprentices, interns and placements.
The company’s RateMyApprenticeship website (an online portal for companies to promote their apprenticeship programmes) contains reviews of apprenticeship schemes submitted by apprentices at the end of their programmes.

Data-driven PR and content marketing for a company in the professional talent attraction, apprenticeship and graduate placement sector

Increasing visibility in key sectors through media relations 


The company wanted to use data-driven content marketing and PR activity to:

  • Position RMP Enterprise as a thought leader in the apprenticeship market
  • Encourage companies to use RMP Enterprise services to attract school leavers


The number of apprentice reviews on the RateMyApprenticeship website – based on 12 questions requiring personalised responses rather than a tick-box yes/no answer – totalled 15,000 over a five-year period. 

This large sample of data offered a way to convey a robust and definitive view of how apprentices rated UK apprenticeships and provide valuable insight to employers about what makes a successful apprenticeship. 

However, the complexity in analysing such a high volume of personalised, qualitative responses meant the company had previously been unable to use the data for communications purposes. 

The strategy we devised to harness the value of RMP's apprenticeship data was to: 

  • Educate and inform employers about what apprentices value in their apprenticeship programmes
  • Identify the things outstanding UK employers are doing to develop apprenticeship talent
  • Pinpoint the key factors for improving apprenticeship schemes
  • Show the trends in apprenticeship satisfaction over a five-year period

Though other organisations had undertaken apprenticeship research and communications, we identified that none had used thousands of individual apprentice opinions to paint a picture of apprenticeship programmes in the UK. 

Therefore, we enabled RMP Enterprise to claim legitimately that it had commissioned the "most comprehensive research ever done into the UK apprentice experience".


Data analysis

Metamorphic PR teamed up with its data mining and research partner to make sense of the unstructured data and turn qualitative responses into quantitative metrics for data-driven content marketing and PR activity. 

This enabled: 

  • In-depth research findings into the UK apprentice trends across various industry sectors over five years
  • Interpretation of the findings – overlaying the research with RMP Enterprise’s knowledge of its sector and ability to advise companies running apprenticeship programmes
  • Creation of the "Seven Building Blocks for Successful Apprenticeships" guidance – based on the factors in company apprenticeship schemes that resulted in the most satisfied and successful apprentices. The guidance was backed by statistics from the research plus expert advice from RMP Enterprise to help companies improve their apprenticeship programmes. 

Media relations – news story and feature placement

We created a news story to associate RMP with the most definitive research ever conducted into apprenticeships and highlight the Seven Building Blocks guidance.

The data analysis pinpointed a significant increase in apprentices treating their apprenticeship as a genuine career path as opposed to just "something interesting" to do. This became the lead angle for the story and was, according to our research, the first time this finding was highlighted in the UK apprenticeship market. 

We sold in the news story and related feature articles to relevant publications in HR, education and industry-specific sectors including accountancy and engineering. 

Owned content marketing

RMP re-purposed the Seven Building Blocks guidance in a branded PDF booklet as part of its marketing collateral for customers and prospects.


  • The media relations campaign provided the most significant volume of business and education-related media coverage the company had achieved in a 16-month period.
  • The research and Seven Building Blocks guidance allowed RMP to approach existing and potential clients for apprenticeship programmes. A prospect in talent development at one of the UK's largest pub retailers said: "We are working on a ROI project for apprenticeships in the business and your research will support this hugely."
  • An existing RMP Enterprise apprenticeship client said: "It's the best advice about apprenticeships we've ever seen."
    Lizzie Brock, RMP Enterprise Marketing Director, said: "It’s been a fantastic campaign to build up our credibility in the industry and be seen as a thought-leader in the space.
    “We’ve had several enquiries off the back of the research and it’s contributed to a boost in our revenue."
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