John Hogg is a specialist chemical and technology company providing oil and fuel security solutions (brand protection and fuel marking) to oil companies worldwide.
Its primary activity is helping oil companies combat the multi-billion-dollar problem of fuel fraud caused by theft of fuel products from pipelines or while in transit, or by the mixing of lower quality fuel or other fluids with high grade petroleum products.

Integrated B2B PR and marketing communications for a company in the chemicals, oil and fuel sector

Reaching a relevant, oil industry audience with stand-out communications 


The company was a main sponsor at the world's only annual conference focused on the topic of fuel fraud and wanted to promote its expertise with attendees ahead of the event.

The agreed campaign objectives were to:

  • Engage conference delegates ahead of the event
  • Ensure the company's keynote presentation at the event conveyed the right tone and messages
  • Help John Hogg generate opportunities for brand protection and fuel marking with oil companies.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership on the topic of fuel fraud.


We researched the way John Hogg competitors – including international corporates such as Dow Chemical – presented their businesses. The common approach involved focusing on the chemistry and highlighting the technology solutions, products and services. 

We advised John Hogg that the missing elements in the competitors' communications – and the opportunities to differentiate – were: 

  • Focusing on the human/social factors – how fuel fraud affects people and the environment
  • Creating a collective sense of purpose in the industry about tackling fuel fraud
  • Adopting a direct campaigning voice for change to give the subject gravitas. 

Therefore, we created a campaign entitled: "Face Up to Fuel Fraud”. This fed into the communications strategy, which included: 

  • Highlighting the "enemy" (the fraudulent activity) in the fuel supply chain and educating oil companies about the range of threats
  • Demonstrating the risks of not tackling fraud
  • Explaining fuel fraud best practice
  • Demonstrating John Hogg’s successful fuel marking programmes in practice


Owned content

3-D "fuel pump" interactive white paper

We devised an in-depth white paper featuring a range of relevant topics delivered via a 3-dimensional, interactive fuel pump hosted on a microsite. The fuel pump – designed like a face to emphasise the Face Up to Fuel Fraud theme – rotated and revealed text when the visitor clicked on different parts of the interactive image. The content was also re-purposed as separate, white paper PDFs for emailing. 

The topics covered in the white paper supported the overall campaign theme and communications strategy, such as how fuel fraud affects oil company revenues and reputation.  

Case study

Demonstrating the value an oil company gained from working with John Hogg's particular approach to combating fuel fraud. 

Earned content

Media relations

We negotiated with the editorial team on the online news site supporting the conference (Oil and Gas IQ - the world's largest medium for the hydrocarbon industry) to create and facilitate:

  • Two by-lined features published online ahead of the conference
  • Back-links to the interactive white paper from the features
  • A podcast interview with John Hogg's senior spokesperson. 

Keynote conference speech:

We created the theme, tone, structure and draft content for the firm's keynote speech at the conference with a view to "standing out" distinctly from competitor presentations.


As a result of the conference, John Hogg started discussions with a potential customer in the Indian oil market and a potential partner in Portugal to enhance its service delivery to customers in terms of guarding oil pipelines. 

James Page, Marketing Executive at John Hogg, said: 

"Attendees at the conference said they were well aware of our Face Up to Fuel Fraud campaign before the event. They liked the messaging and said it was very different to what other companies were doing. 

“Even a principal competitor described our keynote speech as 'presidential'. This was the level of gravitas we wanted to create for the fuel fraud issue and our adoption of a leadership position.

"The campaign opened the door for some very valuable future partnerships for John Hogg, specifically a large professional services firm which advises companies on how to mitigate the effects of fuel fraud."

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