What is B2B PR and B2B content marketing

A B2B PR and content marketing agency helps create the right environment for your customers to make educated and informed buying decisions for their businesses. Metamorphic PR gives you both professional expertise and resources to use PR and content as part of an integrated marketing communications strategy. This is about educating, informing and increasing your company’s visibility and credibility with the B2B buyer – who is already researching providers and solutions long before contacting you directly.

We work with B2B businesses to create planned and sustained communications activity which includes:

  • Communications strategy –a platform for regular, planned communications that support business objectives
  • Data-driven PR and content marketing – demonstrating knowledge and expertise, backed by facts and figures
  • Thought leadership advice and insights – delivered via media relations, blog content, reports, newsletters, etc
  • B2B case studies – showing your products, services, solutions and technologies in action with real-life customers
  • B2B media relations – creating news and feature articles that the media want to publish, earning you awareness and implicit third-party endorsement with a broad and relevant audience
  • B2B video content – showcasing your people and what they know, plus your solutions and how they work
  • Media training – enabling your leadership, management and technical experts to build trusted relationships with journalists and increase media coverage.

According to analyst, Gartner, B2B buyers spend more time doing independent research online and offline than meeting directly with potential suppliers to help them identify the right providers and purchases for complex business requirements.

Among the six B2B buying activities that need to happen before companies decide on a final purchase are:

  • Identifying the problem – what needs to change?
  • Exploring the solution – what’s available to solve the problem?
  • Building requirements – what should the solution do?
  • Selecting suppliers – will this work?
  • Validating – ensuring this will be the right decision
  • Creating consensus – getting agreement from the B2B decision making unit

Using B2B PR and content marketing in your business helps B2B buyers by:

  • Making your website a true destination for valuable information, useful advice and guidance
  • Delivering unique and relevant insights through sound research and data
  • Building trust in your knowledge, expertise and capabilities
  • Having a consistent flow of content to share via email marketing and social media

In addition, according to research by the LinkedIn-funded B2B Institute, B2B buyers are looking more at the social value of doing business with you.  For B2B companies, that means communicating what you do in terms of sustainability, diversity and inclusion, gender diversity and health and well-being of employees.



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