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February 8

What does the world of content marketing and SEO hold for businesses in 2017?

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) took a run at the topic in its recent *webinar, featuring the views of Seth Besmertnik (Conductor CEO) plus Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose of the CMI.

1. Your customer is your algorithm

Marketers need to focus on a) who are their customers and b) what do they want from content marketing? Doing that means raising the chances of producing content the customer will consider valuable. The goal of search engines is to return the most valuable result for the person searching; if you can populate that search result, then you’ll be giving the searcher what they need and delivering value through content. And, said Besmertnik, if you do that you will win in the end.

2. Content marketing for a specific audience

Spend time creating groups of customers/personas and getting more focused in order to create great content for a more specific audience. And rather than getting hung up on keywords, focus on the quality of the idea: does the content overall deliver value and how quickly can the customer derive value from the content? Google updates, as reiterated by Besmertnik, are “getting better at filtering out garbage”.

3. Content marketing – the value opportunity

The search engine, is the “intersection between your business and the universe – when you don’t show up in a search engine, you have nothing that’s relevant to that need.” Therefore, it offers an opportunity to businesses to create the value through content and be rewarded by the search engines, regardless of marketing budget.

4. Speak the customer’s language in your content

Any time you create content, use the words that your customers use and you will be rewarded.

5. Make the most of your content

As Pulizzi asserts, the goal is to get the maximum return from the minimum content. He cites the “winning formula” as targeting a specific audience and telling a different story via your content to cut through the ever-increasing marketing noise. And rather than try to own every channel, pick one and build an audience over time that trusts you. The focus is on quality over quantity. One example the experts highlighted was a white paper created by one company which – three years later – remains its biggest lead generator.

6. Bringing content and SEO together

When creating content, look beyond the immediate spike of interest and think about the long-tail effect on search of the content you’re creating. Therefore, either separate teams or those responsible for both content and SEO should consider both elements in parallel.

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*The original Content Marketing Institute webinar is available to listen on demand here.

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