December 8

B2B marketing needs to be more fixated on people and less on products

December 2

How is your B2B business going to grow and prosper in 2015?

November 12

Public relations is a vital part of any business' communications strategy though its value and, often, its meaning is misunderstood.

October 20

B2B PR agency, Metamorphic PR, has taken on the first apprentice in the UK to work under the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) apprenticeship programme.

August 19

Manchester-based B2B PR agency, Metamorphic PR, is a finalist in the 2014 Stockport Business Awards.

April 30

If marketers and their employers care about the future prosperity of their companies, then the intersection of customers and digital is where they need to be: in other words, digital transformation.

April 11

An insight into business news with the Manchester Evening News' head of business, Adam Jupp, underlines the eternal enigma of "the media".

February 11

Where, Mr and Mrs Marketer, are you up to with content marketing in 2014? Does the ROI justify the time, effort and money?

February 11

Getting businesses in professional sectors to re-think their recruitment and talent development and consider apprenticeships can take some persuasion. Enter PR.

February 10

Metamorphic PR founder and director, Jon Clements, puts across his views about being a Chartered Public Relations practitioner - and about the PR profession generally.

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