December 12

Using customer case studies for B2B PR is one way of showing how your product or service translates into measurable business benefits.

December 12

Manchester marketers and PR agency people have been told in no uncertain terms: embracing inbound marketing is how to "stop flogging a dead horse". The dead horse is, apparently, traditional outbound marketing.

December 5

How does your business use digital marketing to grab the attention of customers and prospects until they capitulate to your...

November 12

In the modern day search for the silver bullet of effective PR and marketing communications, there's a risk of trusting the latest fad or tool to get a message across.

October 9

What's the point of having a communications strategy before getting stuck into public relations and communications activities?

October 1

How do you begin planning public relations and other communications activities for your business?

July 25

Does having a B2B blog work for B2B marketing; namely marketing well-produced content, driving website traffic, generating potential leads and demonstrating your company's capabilities?

July 22

What is public relations and what does public relations do?

July 3

If you're a B2B marketer looking for content marketing and strategy inspiration, you've been born at the right time.

June 19

Who says a good corporate reputation is an intangible asset? Well, just ask the banks.

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