10 Years In Business

The number 10 has a certain significance in so many scenarios.

Not only is it the foundation of the decimal numeral system and an often-used time period for setting large, long-term goals (how many “Vision 2030” goals were set in 2020, I wonder?) but reaching 10 years in business is a major milestone.

What makes the difference in any business between trading in year one, then year five, seven and beyond is a mixture of good ideas, a great product/service people want to buy, terrific teams delivering the service and an abundance of good, old-fashioned luck. Then repeat.

But what is it, specifically, that’s contributed to Metamorphic PR’s 10 years’ providing PR, content and marketing communications to companies?

I believe the knowledge and experience we have means we offer the robust and strategic PR and communications advice necessary to maintain our clients’ corporate reputation.

Equally, our ability to take on businesses with complex products/services – and whose own customers are operating in complex environments – means we don’t shy away from tough topics or communications challenges.

And our professional expertise means companies can trust us to get on with the job and deliver high quality work with minimum effort and stress on their part.

Despite being a long-standing public relations professional and former journalist – steeped in the tradition of marking milestones – it was tempting to let the 10-year anniversary roll by without remark. But really, as businesspeople, I think we all deserve to recognise what it means to reach a milestone, reflect on how we got there and celebrate.

So, I hope you don’t mind if we do.

Jon Clements
Founder and Director
Metamorphic PR

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